Thursday, January 13, 2011

To Rio: Letter #2 from Mommy in Korea

It snowed again here last night. It was very cold. I have to walk the dog three times a day. I keep him in his doggy sweater to keep him warm. But it was dirty so I had to wash it. I put my turtle neck on her this morning. She looked silly, but it kept her warm.

I have been looking for fun things to do in Charleston during the spring vacation in the month of April. There is a fun camp where you can play all day!

I have been wondering what you have been doing all day while your daddy is at work. I know you are a good helper so I think you are helping Wendy take care of your brother.

Did you know you can play Zoodles at your daddy's house? Ask your daddy for help. Tell him to click here so he can put Zoodles on the computer.

Now that you are back in America, you can watch and play some of the videos and games on PBS Kids that would not play here in Korea. Just click here to play.

Did you know there is a web site where you can play games with pickles and tomatoes? Click here to play!

Don't forget to practice good listening. Click here to listen to bible truth stories:

Be sure to practice your reading, little one. Click here to practice.

And click here to play a game that lets you
choose good foods to eat!
That should keep you busy for a while.
You will have fun while learning!

I'll write again soon. And you can write me back here too! Just ask your daddy to help you type a letter in the comment place!

Don't forget to say your prayers!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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