Sunday, January 16, 2011

To Rio: Letter #3 from Mommy

Have you shown your daddy your moves?

You are much better the silly boys in this video:

Meditation Minute: Jimjilbang

Been thinking of what I will miss in Korea. The bath house or "jimjilbang" (찜질방) is an experience I will not soon forget. It was Rio's favorite place as well. When we first arrived last year in March, the steaming baths warmed my bones and Rio just loved being able to run around naked, plopping in and splashing about from one pool to another.

Upstairs was the common area where folks lounged about. We gobbled up noodles while watching Korean dubbed American movies on the portable DVD player. The best part for me was The Happy Time massage chairs.
I formed intimate relationships with them all. They gave me so much. I often felt I owed them more than a mere $1.00. Consistently reliable, they went deep and strong for as long as I desired. I don't smoke, but if I did I'd light up after 10 minutes sitting in a Happy Time chair. They make me feel so......well, happy.

Loved the DIY salt exfoliant scrub down. FYI - be sure to check for open wounds before using. Salt first, then shave.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Short and Bittersweet

In my past life, before Christ, I lived as I wanted, answered to no one. I was full of pride and walked in the spirit of independence. I thought of myself as a righteous, self-made, battle scarred warrior princess who didn't need anybody.

Then the Lord humbled me.

I lost my mind, literally. For seven days and seven nights I had no sleep. I saw things, felt......the unexplainable. I have never been so terrified in all my life. Neither have I been so overwhelmed by the awesome love and beauty of God. It was transformational; I haven't been the same since.

The enemy is the great deceiver, and he blinded me; had me thinking wrong about so many things, namely that my walk with God was good enough. Sure, I believed in God, prayed now and then. Even went to church regularly. But belief was not enough to save me.

When I came back from "my time away" as I have come to call it, I got right to work in getting right with God. That's where I am today, repenting and regenerating to become a new creature in Christ.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

To Rio: Letter #2 from Mommy in Korea

It snowed again here last night. It was very cold. I have to walk the dog three times a day. I keep him in his doggy sweater to keep him warm. But it was dirty so I had to wash it. I put my turtle neck on her this morning. She looked silly, but it kept her warm.

I have been looking for fun things to do in Charleston during the spring vacation in the month of April. There is a fun camp where you can play all day!

I have been wondering what you have been doing all day while your daddy is at work. I know you are a good helper so I think you are helping Wendy take care of your brother.

Did you know you can play Zoodles at your daddy's house? Ask your daddy for help. Tell him to click here so he can put Zoodles on the computer.

Now that you are back in America, you can watch and play some of the videos and games on PBS Kids that would not play here in Korea. Just click here to play.

Did you know there is a web site where you can play games with pickles and tomatoes? Click here to play!

Don't forget to practice good listening. Click here to listen to bible truth stories:

Be sure to practice your reading, little one. Click here to practice.

And click here to play a game that lets you
choose good foods to eat!
That should keep you busy for a while.
You will have fun while learning!

I'll write again soon. And you can write me back here too! Just ask your daddy to help you type a letter in the comment place!

Don't forget to say your prayers!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meditation Minute: Metanoia

According to Wikipedia, metanoia is derived from the Greek words (meta) meaning "beyond" or "after" and (noos) "mind." Metanoia means "repentance" (theology), "correction," a rhetorical device (rhetoric), the experience of a psychotic 'break down' and subsequent, positive psychological rebuilding or healing (psychology).

I will be working for Metanoia beginning in March. I'm thinking this job is the perfect fit, not just because of the job description, but because the name of the faith based, non-profit organization so aptly fits my psychology. God is the best poet! Thank you, Lord for taking poetic license as you direct my life.

Meditation Minute: Mountain

Climbed a mountain today. Stood still at the top to admire the view and listen to the winter leaves crackle in the wind. My thoughts exactly: "I love you, Lord. You are so freakin' awesome!"

On the way down, I prayed. "Yea, though my arthritic knees are aching, I will fear no snow slope; for thou art with me." I'll bring a rod or staff to keep me from falling next time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Rio: Letter #1 from Mommy in Korea

I know you can read this by yourself, but you can ask your daddy for help with the words you do not know.

Our new home will be much closer to your daddy. It will take a half day to drive there. Look at the map. Put your finger on the biggest black circle - that's where you are now. Follow the black line to the end - that is where we will be living. It is much closer than living in South Korea. You will go to a new school where everybody speaks English and they have beautiful brown skin just like you!

It is hard to be here in Korea without you. I miss you so much, baby. I miss talking to you. I miss giving you kisses. I miss tickling you. I miss reading to you. I miss praying with you. But most of all, I miss cuddling with you every night. I can't wait to hold you again. There are only 56 days left!
I like taking care of the dog. I have to take it for a walk three times every day. I think we will like having a dog of our own when we move to South Carolina. Look at the different kinds of dogs in the picture. What kind to you like? I circled my favorite. We should get a dog from the animal shelter. A shelter is a place where lost dogs are found. They live in the shelter until someone comes to take them to a new home. We may not have as many choices as there are in the picture. We will just pick the one who likes us the most.

I am in the teacher's office right now. I am watching children's movies to see if they are good for the students here. I wish you were here to watch with me. You could tell me if the movie is good. You can watch the movie below. It's about how to get along with others. They get in a silly fight about which is better - tomatoes or blueberries. I love them both (one is a vegetable and one is a fruit!) Let me know what you think.

Here is a silly picture of me giving you a kiss on both cheeks!

Remember to say your prayers, little worm. I will write again soon.

Part Three