Thursday, September 15, 2011

Resurrecting Ophelia

My morning reading these days is Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls by Mary Pipher, PhD. It was written in 1995 and was a New York Times Bestseller. I'm only in the second chapter and I have to admit my Christ-filled heart drains with each paragraph, and the love is replaced with searing hatred! The truth of what's written on these pages is stirring up the angry adolescent girl in me, and I'm feeling the need to cut somebody! Maybe I need to move this reading to a different time in my day; I will require time to shift into a new mood before entering the world.

Ophelia doesn't just need to be revived, she needs to be brought back to life! She is assassinated daily these days and will not respond to CPR. I knew being a girl was a challenge as a teenager - mine was especially tumultuous for reasons not described in Pipher's book. Her book is "An eye-opening look at the everyday dangers of being young and female..." And that was over 15 years ago! Please pray, today and every day, for the young girls in our world. If you have a girl child, read this book. As you read, quadruple the cultural battering Pipher describes to make it true to our current society. My question in response to what I've read thus far: What it will be like by the time my little girl is a young adolescent? (--------------------------------------------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) No words, just me screaming.....

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