Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Growing Character

Purpose. Wisdom. Courage. Perserverance. Gratitude. Honesty. Discipline. Patience. How do you determine a person's character? What traits do you look for? In my position at Metanoia, I am charged with the task of caring for the seeds of character in the children I serve. Each child is in a different stage of growth. Some seeds are growing strong. In others, many seeds have yet to be planted.

What are these seeds? What should they look like when they flower in this rising generation? I pose these questions to my family, friends, and friends of friends. Each week I will plant a seed. For example, "PURPOSE is....." What are the first thoughts that come to your mind? Tell me a story about how the seed has grown in you, or how may be a little wilted and struggling to grow. Post your meditations in the comment area below. With your persmission, some may be used in a character collage I hope to create with the students here at Metanoia.

So, here's the first row in the crop that will be planted for this fall harvest: "COURAGE is....." Thanks for your offering!

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