Sunday, December 9, 2012

Committed, sort of....

One hour once a week. That's my commitment. This sliver of time is dedicated to writing, without excuse.

I don't have a good track record when it comes to commitment. Committing to a simple word like "yes" or "no" creates considerable anxiety and initiates a regiment of avoidance tactics. A complete thought expressed in a sentence takes five minutes. Deciding to keep the sentence and form a paragraph can easily consume an hour. There is no guarantee that the hour's work will remain the following day; an hour of thought that seemed worthy of expression one moment can be determined crap and scraped the next. The hour completely wasted.

Waste is the one pet peeve I've yet to put to sleep. I despise wasting anything - time, money, electricity, energy - words especially. So here I am, not wanting to waste a single minute of the time I've allotted to write something worth reading, it's worthiness entirely subjective, the objective goal a bit vague and presumptuous: help people.

I've chosen my place and time to write, at church during the 11:15 service. I'm not substituting God's word for my own selfish goals. My church has several "campuses." I attend the 9:30 service in North Charleston then cross two bridges to the Longpoint campus. My little one likes the children's program at this "big church" as she calls it, and they have a modern coffee shop and bookstore. That's child care covered, coffee if I need it, and a bookstore to remind me of the book I've yet to complete which should prod me into completing at least a good paragraph.

There's an upside of writing at this church. The service is broadcasted on monitors all over the facility so I can hear snippets of inspiration which may prove serendipitous in whatever it is I'm writing at the moment. Like now, I hear "restoring the spirit" and "function fully" and "update the app." Okay, there's nothing to work with there, but the possibility exists.

Ah, here's one: Philippians 1:6. Application to my moment: I may only be able to commit to an hour a week, but God is committed to the work he started in me and will be faithful to carry it out to completion.

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